Events / Functions

Events / Functions

Iranian New Year 2009/10 Celebrations

Movie and TV Shoots
(South Indian, Hansika Motwani / Swayambhar TV serial)

Black and White Night 2018

Fashion Show with Monty Sally

Corporate Parties
(HDFC Bank / Kotak)

Reggae Party
(Indigo FM 2009/10)

Beach Fun

Experience adventurous, exhilarating, and fun filled watersports activities – all within a few minutes of walking down the beach from Anthonys.

The watersports on offer at Baga and close by Calangute beaches are highly recommended for professionals and newbies alike.

Enjoy stunning views of the Goan coastline with parasailing, or get an adrenalin rush on a Jet ski. Or if you are with a bunch of friends and would like to have some fun out in the Arabian Sea waters all together, try the Banana or Bumper boat rides.

Boat rentals for fishing trips, or dolphin viewing rides too are available.

The predominant westerly winds that blow most days during the season make cruising on Sailing catamarans a fun option too.

If you prefer to stay dry, relax on the beach beds, enjoy a gentle massage … or choose from a galaxy of cocktails to keep you refreshed and powered even as the day melts into a beautiful starlit evening.

Sing Along – Melodious Karaokie Evenings

Karaoke starts from 8:00 pm, and goes on until late in the night.

Only held in English language.

Conducted by KJ Seby, KJ Lionel and KJ Nigel.

There are dance sessions in between.



Single Flavour, 45 MinutesĀ  – Rs 900/-

  1. Double Apple
  2. Mint
  3. Grape
  4. Orange
  5. Pan Rasna
  6. Vanilla
  7. Pan Masala

Two Three Flavours Mix, 1 Hour – Rs 1500/-

  1. Apple + Mint
  2. Grape + Rasna
  3. Orange + Kiwi
  4. Pan Rasna + Mint
  5. Pan Salsa + Magai Pan
  6. Magai Pan + Mint
  7. Kiwi + Pan Rasna
  8. Strawberry + Mint
  9. Vanilla + Pan Rasna
  10. Lemon + Mint
  11. Brain Freezer With Ice

Special Mix Flavours, 1.5 Hour

  1. Dubai Special
    Apple Mint Orange With Ice
  2. Vanilla Supari (Base Milk)
  3. Commissioner
  4. Rajnigandha
  5. Blue Moon
    Apple + Vanilla + Mint + Strawberry With Ice
  6. Red Bull Punch, Grape, Pan
  7. Apple Zaffran
  8. Star Mint Mint With Start With Ice
  9. Special Pan Masala
    Pan Masala Flavour With Kimam With Ice
  10. Anthony Special
    Shahi Fruit
    Apple Mint Grape Orange Strawberry With Ice
  11. Knock Out (Vodka) Choice Of Flavour